Garden Drip Systems Lioresal


How you start a show will always and forever determine how a show is remembered. Such was the case tonite. The preshow side of things went along about as well as they normally do. But then the actual movie begins … or so one would think. First, the intro deal started off incredibly blurry, and then it stopped. Then (after a few minutes delay) we started back up with the preview for Lord of the Rings, and then it stopped. Then (after a few minutes delay) we start the movie itself, realizing that perhaps the other clips just aren’t meant to be. Yet the movie itself stops about 2-3 more times as focus seemed to be an issue. Jef comes over the PA to ask if everyone wants to run the movie anyway. Most everyone obliges, and then the show goes on.

Unfortunately, the audience was completely dead … no life whatsoever. Callbacks … nonexistant for much of the start. By the end of the night, it was just the non-performing cast doing callbacks. I was surprised that the mob did get in the aisles for the Time Warp at least. But by far, it was as bad a night for the audience as I’ve ever seen.

The show … it was an afterthought. And I hate to say that since Uber made a heck of a Crim and Kassi looked hotter than hell in that pleather maids outfit. Yeah, there were good performances all over the place, but with the audience on valium, it hardly made a difference. I’m most surprised that I made it through the night awake. Not much else to report tonite. Back to your normal activities.