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Raindrip R520DP Watering Landscape Kit

The Raindrip watering landscape kit provides slow and constant delivery of water directly to the root zone of your plants — an ideal way to keep the root zone moist, and never saturated. The kit features an anti-syphon system and comes with everything you need to water up to 10 trees and hedges plus 30 plants or 20 shrubs and vines. The kit features PC (pressure compensating) drippers for consistent drip watering on various elevations. An ideal choice for all landscape, perennial, and garden areas, the kit comes with 60 feet of 1/2-inch poly hose, 20 feet of 1/4-inch vinyl tubing, twenty 1-gph PC drippers, two 1/2-inch hose end clamps, two 1/2-inch compression tees, one 1/2-inch compression coupling, five 1/4-inch barb tees, 10 1/4-inch barb connectors, two 1/2-inch compression elbows, one 3/4-inch swivel adaptor, 10 support stakes, 30 gph flow controls, one filter washer, one hole punch, five hole plugs, one 3/4-inch pipe coupling, and a user’s guide. What’s in the Box
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