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Rain Bird PRF10040LB Drip Irrigation 40 PSI Pressure Regulating Filter, 1″ Male Pipe Thread

Rain Bird PRF10040LB drip irrigation 40 PSI pressure regulating filter, 1″ male pipe thread. This static 200 mesh filter helps eliminate plugging in a drip irrigation system and includes a 40 PSI pressure regulator. Ease of installation saves valuable time and money. From the Manufacturer: Protect your downstream drip irrigation components with this unique, compact unit that combines filtration and pressure regulation in one piece. By reducing the number of components in a control zone; more components can fit in one valve box. With fewer connections, installation is easier and faster; less parts and fewer threaded connections also means less chance of a leak at installation and over the life of the system. Filter unit regulates pressure to 40 PSI and cap unthreads to provide easy access to the 200 mesh filter element for cleaning. Robust body and cap are constructed of glass-filled polypropylene for toughness providing a 150 PSI pressure rating. Works with all valves and comes with a