Garden Drip Systems Lioresal

5 Tiered Hanging and Stacking Vertical Strawberry Planter Pot

The planter is great for growing strawberries, herbs, succulents, flowers, peppers, lettuce, and much more in a one square foot vertical space. Water from the top and with the flow through design you will not need to worry about over watering or root rot. If indoors, the bottom drip tray will catch any mess from occurring after a watering. Also, you could break the 5 layers into two separate planters having a mini 2 tier herb garden and 3 tier strawberry planter. If you are growing hydroponically this is also the product for you. I am happy to help and field any questions you may have regarding hydroponics or gardening in general. The contents includes a wonderful fun gardening experience! Happy Gardening 🙂